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Zootopia-Crime-Files-Hidden-ObjectYescheats present you the latest hack for the game Zootopia Crime Files Hidden Object. The fans of zootopia and other gamers were eagerly waiting for this game for a while now. Finally the game is released this month and plenty of people started playing it. The game involves the animal police, namely Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, partner detectives. As they get new assigments by Chief Bogo, Clawhauser and more of the ZPD’s forces, you will get to assist them in finding criminals threatening the peace of Zootopia.

As you all know, the game offers in app purchases of Coins, Bucks and energy for those rich kids who can afford spending on games. For the rest of us, we have designed a hack tool, that can add everything in the game securely. Zootopia Crime Files Hidden Object hack comes with a decent user interface which makes it simple to use.  The generator works online, so you dont need to download anything. You only have to enter your username in the game and select the amount of resources and click on hack button.

The Zootopia Crime Files Hidden Object cheat generator works on all android and iOS devices. So much effort has been put into this software by our group to make is as user-friendly as possible so you can get all the fun at a single click of a button.

And just to let you know how we bypass the detection, we simulate the buying process so that when you are hacking it will make the system think you are actually buying when in reality, you are not. And that makes your account totally face from the hammer ban. Just check the photo below and see how the generator works to add all the goodies at zero cost.

Zootopia Crime Files Hidden Object Hack features :

★ Unlimited Bucks
★ Unlimited Coins
★ Unlimited Energy
★ Don’t need to enter your personal data
★ Jailbreak or root is not required
★ Plug-in your device and run
★ Guard Protection Script
★ Easy to use user interface
★ Automatic updates
★ No ads
★ Available for all Mac, Windows, Android and iOS devices


Info on the game :

The immense popularity of the movie Zootopia has surprised many, including me. Apparently individuals have always wanted something like this, and Disney delivered. Because of this a film tie-in game in the form of Zootopia Crime Files was an absolute must have as well. I’m not complaining, as Disney games are usually good quality and worth a try.

Well, turns out that there isn’t much to complain about in Zootopia Crime Files either, as the usual good quality gameplay is present. But not only this, while the storytelling is a huge section of this game, and it’s done in a fantastic way. Instead of providing a quick backstory to the game and then forgetting about any of it, it really manages to integrate the story into the gameplay so much that the two are intertwined and inseparable.

I had plenty of fun with reading the conversations between the key characters of the story, the interrogations of the suspects, and the many jokes between Judy and Nick. These story bits made the game feel more alive, as though it had been area of the movie, or at the least an expansion of it. This definitely means good storytelling, one that Personally, i didn’t expect you’ll see.

But getting past the storyline as much as possible, the gameplay will be quite unique by itself as well. Well, the hidden object and the puzzle gameplay is not too special or distinctive from the others of the kind of games, but the evidence mechanic is why is it great. Finding important items on levels unlocks them as evidence, which in turn needs to be scanned and analyzed, usually finding new clues or indications about where to proceed next.

zootopia crime files hidden object hack proof


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